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Belated post about the Happiness Machine at Creative Common

October 25, 2012

Last Saturday night we went out to Creative Common near Temple Meads for one of the last showings of the Happiness Machine, a circus show put on by the Invisible Circus et al. I’d been recommended it by my silks teacher, who was also starring in it, so I was pretty excited to see what it was like!


Unfortunately I couldn’t get very good photos, but I tried to capture a few of how it all looked and the set and things. I loved the bit with the four people on corde lisse, and also the cloud swing at the end! For the uninitiated, corde lisse is a single rope that you climb and and do tricks on (so like the silks, or tissu, but just single rather than double) and the cloud swing is a rope swing. It was so, so beautiful – i really want to try it out now! I couldn’t get any photos of it as the girl was moving too fast on it, and I was far too in awe to stop to take a video, but hey, never mind.

This guy was in it quite a lot…although he was quite good, if a little freaky (I guess that was the idea though…). Plus whenever he came on they played cute but sinister twinkly ukelele music, which was awesome.

Part of the crew for the happiness machine

There is Rada, my silks teacher, on the far right! She is lovely, and a great teacher.

Hoop acts Hoops

The hoop acts were cool as well, they kept going up and down which I thought was great because otherwise the acts themselves were a little, er…safe? Sorry…

Corde Lisse act

Worst photo ever, but you can kind of see how the act looked with the 2 corde lisses. It was to this spooky music, and again they kept being lifted up really high and dropping to the ground again (obviously controlled by some amazingly strong and trusted people). I loved it.

The happiness machine cast

What a lovely, colourful cast they were! It inspired me to do so much more with my silks training, I wish I had more time to do it! Also, it made me realise how much I missed rope (corde lisse) as well. It hurts more than silks, but there’s a simplicity about it which is very appealing.

The tent at Creative Common has been taken down now, but hopefully should be up again next year. I can’t believe I only made it to this one show the whole time it was there! Will definitely be visiting much more next year (if they allow it, that is…)

Check out the Invisible Circus site, and the Creative Common site for more info, and of course the lovely Rada, who is an inspiration every day!


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