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Getting in the Christmas spirit: making our Meri Meri 3D Advent Village

December 2, 2014

So we’re a day late, but we have now got our Christmas Advent Village up! I bought the Advent Village for Tony for his birthday from Pod in Clifton, who apart from having the most amazing Christmas selection in their shop, also have a lovely selection of Meri Meri products. Meri Meri started out as a stationers back in Los Angeles in the mid 1980s, and now sell all sorts of gorgeous paper-based products for stationery, kitchen, party supplies….

Our friends and I are a bit obsessed by the gorgeous colours and patterns they use, and how could you not be! I think we will all have one of these Advent Villages in our houses this year!

meri meri meri merimeri merimeri merimeri meri meri meri

It was a little bit fiddly constructing all the houses and trees – they are die-cut really well though, and you have to make sure to punch all the holes out of the windows.

meri meri meri meri

Once they were all made, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to put some treats inside each one, so of course we chose the Lindt Lindor chocolate balls! It’d be rude not to…

And here it is!

meri merimeri meri meri meri meri merimeri meri

I can’t wait to get in to them for those Lindors! Although will be a shame to take them down…

Yay, it’s December!! :)

Sofia <3

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Crafty DIY: printed Instagram cards

October 15, 2013

This post goes rather nicely with my guest post on the Fred Aldous Art + Craft blog today, which you can see here.


I’ve been getting really excited recently about a new discovery i’ve made….printing your Instagrams!!

I decided recently that I really missed seeing printed photos. I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve moved house recently and have no photos up yet, and the two photos we do have up are really old because I haven’t printed anything out in ages, or whether it’s just because actually, I don’t want to keep staring at my screen for ages to look at my photos any more.

I love Instagram, and have quite a few photos on there that I would like to see printed and that tell a bit of a life story (insofar as since i’ve had my iPhone, of course…!). I googled ‘print your instagram feed’ and the site Polargram was one of the first sites to appear in my results.

The prints look so good!! I seriously recommend getting them done, I just can’t stop picking them up and looking at them!

So I decided to make a card with one of them, using just the Polargram, some MT Tape and some cards I picked up from Fred Aldous over the weekend.


Now, the great thing about MT Tape is that you can play around with patterns, shapes and how you want the tape to sit on the card because it acts like masking tape and doesn’t rip the paper. So you can try out loads of different ways to place the photo on the card.

blossom card

I like to keep things quite simple, so I went with a line of tape over the bottom and a line of tape over the top to hold the photo down.

blossom card

After that all that was really left was to give my card a little ‘title’ and insert it in to the envelope. And a lucky someone will be receiving it in the post today (I hope!!)


Cute, don’t you think?

Big love <3