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Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: old friends and an almost complete dining room!

October 31, 2014
dining room shelves

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe how warm it is today, I don’t think I can remember it ever being so warm on 31st October ever before! We have had an action packed week of gigs, work and house stuff and i’m so please that we’ve finally got our shelves up in the space at the bottom of the stairs, what do you think?

Other things that have made my week:

Meeting old friends – I met up with a school friend who I hadn’t seen in about 7 years and it was so good to catch up! It’s great that you can not see someone for so long and it still be the same as when you last saw them :) Meeting our colleague’s baby Johnny for the first time today, he’s such a cutie!! Seeing Lamb play live at the O2 Academy – they were great and Lou’s voice is stunning, sounds just as perfect as it did when I first went to see them over 12 years ago Noodles, always. I don’t think i’ll ever go a week without loving noodles I made Tom Yum soup with prawns! It was great! These trousers by FCUK, I just cannot help loving anything sequinned…pity they are well out of my price range :( almost finishing my DIY couture skirt – update to follow soon! wandering around the Tobacco factory market in the autumn sun My Italian boots that i’ve been wearing non-stop – my go-to shoe for Autumn/Winter Life Story, the new Attenborough program. Those little geese just broke my heart, but it’s such a good documentary

How’s your week been, and what have you got planned for tonight?!

<3 Sofia

Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: Autumn walks and spicy food

October 24, 2014

Autumn in clifton

How time flies in a week! It seems like just yesterday I was writing this list for last week…

This week i’ve really felt the seasons changing – it’s so dark in the morning and so hard to get out of bed!! Still, the trees are turning orange and yellow and in some ways Bristol has never looked prettier.

Also, Tony and I celebrated 8 years together last weekend!! We went for a lovely lunch in Rosemarino and then walked around Clifton – a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Special mentions this week:

Polenta at Rosemarino’s – yum! ♥ Autumn skies  seeing the sun set over the Clifton Suspension bridge  noodles!  Christmas Steps – we went to east at DubThai which was tasty, and a really cute little place!  Managing a 3 point headstand in yoga (just about…)  Jasmine green tea and lemon and poppy seed cake as a mid-week breakfast treat  Getting my big wooly black dress out for another season, it’s so lovely and snuggly and is my winter outfit staple!  Chilli Daddy – I love this place, the food and people are just the best!  Sweet potato mash ♥ Sunday roasts with friends ♥ Northern Soul – we went to see the film last night and it was great! Definitely go if you can, it’s showing at the Watershed ♥ Finishing a good book ♥

And, have you seen my new logo?! I love it! And the colour was described to me by Luke, the designer who did it, as ‘can’t quite decide whether it’s a green or a blue’, which sums me up perfectly I think! What do you think of it?

<3 Sofia

Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: Candy Floss, Nutella and Burgers (it’s all about food!)

October 17, 2014

Candy floss

It’s that time again! Time for some Friday loving. :p Honestly, this week i’ve felt a bit like going in to hibernation…the weather has been rainy and windy, it’s getting darker and my body is craving pie and mash and tea and cake (OK, so I always crave tea and cake, but this week it’s been even more pronounced!!)

Things i’ve been loving this week:

Bryron burger! It’s just opened up on the Triangle, and although the drinks were expensive the burgers were yummy (I had the Chilli burger). I do, however, think we are way over the ‘peak burger’ threshold in Bristol. There are too many burger restaurants! Give me noodles and thai food instead! Talking of which…  Pho – I reeealy want this to open in Bristol, I love noodles and this was just so yummy!  Dressing as Lynn from Alan Partridge and doing the bumper cars at Namco on the South Bank  Candy Floss ♥ Even though it’s been raining, it’s meant I’ve had loads of time to read – i’m currently reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, which is set in the gold-prospecting time in New Zealand. It’s making me want to travel back to New Zealand now!  My snuggly warm and sparkly Whistles jumper (love it even more for the fact that I got it on sale, too!  Earl grey tea   Nutella on corn thins (kind of healthy, kind of not)  Long chats with my sister  Planning halloween outfits! 

How has your week been? What are you up to this weekend?

<3 Big love


Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: Autumn loveliness is here

October 10, 2014

Westonbirt leaves

It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn, and this was highlighted on our recent visit to Westonbirt Arboretum (post to follow on this soon!). The weather has been so changeable, but the change in seasons is a lovely time and although the fresher mornings are making the bike to work a bit more challenging (!) it’s also a nice wake up in the mornings!

Things that made me smile this week

Getting in to #lovetober, Gala Darling’s instagram challange!  Having an suprisingly good yoga session on Tuesday after 2 weeks off  Westonbirt and family time at the weekend  Burgers and sweet potato fries!  Having my mum and brother over at the weekend Settling down to a night on the sofa and #GBBO  Doing lots of sewing and starting to sort Tony’s jacket…eeek!  Meeting up with Emily and Gina (a couple of the #blogclub babes!) in the  Cosy Club on Corn St  Cycling to work on a fresh Autumn morning – the light in Bristol at the moment is so lovely! 

How has your week been?

Sofia <3

Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: Sister sister!

May 30, 2014


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks…

The house has been undergoing a major transformation (more on that next week!), sewing class and yoga have been intense and to top it off I have had the most amazing time having my sister to stay last week. I’ve been so grateful to have her around again, it’s been amazing!

I got love for:

4 amazing days having my sister over to stay – she’s such an inspirational babe!  great moroccan food  bibimbap!  the smell of coconut oil in my hair  make up tips  coconut water after a hard yoga session  a surprisingly refreshing rainy cycle home  long walks  the fact that Bristol has beautiful countryside right on it’s doorstep!  ridiculous dancing to shit DJs and not caring what anyone else thinks of you  my new Aussie shampoo – leaving my hair so soft!  giving more clothes away so I can finally start making my own wardrobe  chocolate raisins ♥ Godzilla!! Totally ridiculous, but great  white walls and having a house that’s starting to come together 

Big love,


Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: Colour Me Teal

April 11, 2014

colour lovers

Hello! Welcome back!

This Friday marks a new beginning, let’s start over! Do you like my possible dining room colour palette? I love using Colour lovers for colour and pattern inspiration. If you’re on there follow me, and i’ll follow back!

This week i’m thankful for:

♥ Longer days, lighter nights early morning sunshine  fresh paint  the wound of walking up wooden stairs  friends and family  fresh coffee  crazy emoticon whatsapp messaging with my sister  buying presents  quiet time  sewing bee! (although i’m now sad it’s over)  teal, yellow and blue  lulworth blue 

What’s made you happy this week?

Big love


Friday Appreciation Society

Friday Appreciation Society: break your routine!

January 31, 2014

Totland Bay, Isle of Wight

Sometimes life gets the better of you. It certainly has of me this month. I think the gloomy weather, the constant morning and evening darkness and general mood took it out of me!

In situations like this it’s best just to look ahead, remember that it’s not always winter, that you’ve made it through January and the best month in the year lies ahead (OK, maybe i’m biased about that because it features my birthday…)

Last week a lovely drive round the coast on the Isle of Wight helped clear my mind, the sea air blowing away all those January cobwebs. A break in your normal routine always helps to make you tackle things differently, look at things in another light.

So what will you be doing this weekend to tackle those cobwebs? Me, i’ve signed up to a contortion workshop! Wish me luck and i’ll see you on Monday probably in a million tiny pieces!

Happy Friday :)