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The week in words and pictures: sadness and moving on

October 13, 2013

DjadekBabcia and Dziadek (Grandma and Grandad) way back in the 1960s

This week has been…well, different, to say the least.

I’ve been grateful to have family and friends around, as my Dziadek (that’s ‘grandad’ in polish) passed away last week. Friday was his funeral, and it was a really moving day. It’s been great being with family for a few days, and it really does bring you back down to earth…

So this week i’m dedicating my Sunday blog post to him. Not that he would even know what a blog is, but that doesn’t matter. I have to say that the service was made so much better by the priest at the funeral home, who was….well, a bit ‘eccentric’! He forgot the Holy Water to start with, and that, topped with the fact that it didn’t look like he knew where he was, managed to turn quite a sad occasion in to a fairly hysterically funny one. I’m sure Dziadek was laughing at the entire spectacle!

funreralAwesome photo by my brother, Fran

So this week I give thanks for:

Family, family and again, family!  Good food  Super-spicy chillies in a lentil coconut curry  Prosecco  Eccentric British humour  Meeting up with old friends  Hot yoga – so hard but so addictive!!  Seeing the lovely English countryside from the train window  Snuggly red socks 

Big love


My week

The week in words and pictures: handstands and classical music

June 16, 2013

week in pictures

Hello! It’s been a while since my last week in words and pictures, but I thought it was about time I started it up again!

I have finally started Bikram yoga, 2 years after I bought the voucher for the 2 weeks unlimited practice. Two years!! That’s major procrastination right there…to be honest it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am loving it! And i’ve already found that it’s helping with my silks training loads. Oh yeah, and my handstands!

This time last week I was in Oxford with some fellow Blogcademy girlies, and since then the week has been pretty full up with either work, Bikram, silks or sleep. However, there have been plenty of things to love and be grateful for.

Bikram, bikram and more bikram!  Cycling to bikram at 6am and there being no one on the roads  Attempting a handstand…and doing OK!  Seeing a live orchestra for the first time in years, and being with Tony for his first ever experience of a live orchestra  Homemade granola, YUM!  Atomic Burger twice in one week…naughty but oh so good  getting closer to having our house sorted, it’s all exciting but I wish it would just hurry up and be ours!  Spring cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary crap in the house  This program about cats  Doing the best propellor i’ve ever done on the silks Sitting in the sun with friends 

How’s your week been?

<3 Sofia

My week

The Week in Words and Pictures: Red, Blossoms and Gold Shoes

April 28, 2013

instagram week pictures

Hello! I’m back! Did you miss me?!

I’ve had to take a short break from blogging over the last couple of weeks due to the assignment I was writing. I handed it in to the tutor for feedback last week so am now nervously waiting to see if i’ve done OK…hopefully I will have! 

It’s been starting to feel much more Spring-like (finally!) and I’ve managed to venture away from the Doc Martens and start wearing other shoes…in particular this fetching gold pair that I got from H&M about a year ago. It’s also been a crazy busy few weeks at work, so i’m really looking forward to our trip to Madrid soon! SOOOO exciting!!

Some snippets from the week:

Gold shoes always!  loving granola at the minute, but need to learn to make my own so that it’s not pumped full of sugar! ♥ blossoms against blue sky  magnolia!  Loving the colour red at the moment  The ‘Ari’ drop in silks – sound effects optional, knee burn likely!!  re-dyeing my hair with henna – a pain but so worth it  The Great British Sewing Bee! I loved the final and am so glad Ann won  doing lots more sewing, inspired by the GBSB  excitable texts from friends about our trip to Madrid, eeep!! 

How’s your week been?

 ♥ Big love 

My week

The week in words and pictures: snow, silks and studies

April 7, 2013

instagram, week in pictures

Even though it was a four-day week, at times it felt much longer!

I guess that’s what happens when you try and cram five days of work into four. On the bank holiday Monday I ended up spending about 4 hours at the Island doing silks training and we also did some ‘assisted stretching’ which involved an intense ‘bridge’ stretch in which I discovered that my back is a lot more bendy that I initially thought! My muscles felt seriously stretched for three days afterwards, which felt so good!

It’s been a fun weekend celebrating my best friend’s 30th birthday, yesterday we spent the day in Bedminster after viewing a house and loved the hustle and bustle of North Street. Tony and I are true converts. Other things this week which have made it special:

Snowy train journeys through Wales  Feeling so stretched and achey from loads of exercise  Sunny Spring-like times (finally!!)  Viewing our dream house in Bedminster…fingers crossed we have a chance of making an offer and buying it!!  Drinks in the sunshine with friends  Bucatini – best pasta ever   Snuggle times  Homemade Thai green curry (always!)  Dark chocolate Lindt bunnies  Doing a triple salto drop on Thursday night and getting ‘shiny eyeballs’ from it!  Hanging the washing out to dry for the first time this year (sad, but true!) 

I need to seriously knuckle down this week and start writing my last assignment (MASSIVE sigh of relief). I will finally have a life back once i’ve finished it, and won’t feel so guilty about wanting to do some sewing or anything else in the evening!

How has your week been?

 Big love 

My week

The week in words and pictures: new beginnings!

March 31, 2013

spring, new beginning, daffodil

Happy Easter, and welcome to my new look blog!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently as i’ve been gathering my thoughts on which direction it’s going in…I took ages to decide on how I wanted it to look and in the end just bit the bullet and got a theme I liked, asked one of the tech guys at work to help me out customising it and here I am!

instagram collage

I’ve decided to start doing a little collage of my Instagram pics instead of a big long list…as it is I mostly use my iPhone during the week as I don’t tend to take my D40 to and from work each day…it would be nice to be able to use the Nikon all the time, but to be honest the iPhone 5 has a pretty good camera on it, and it seems perfectly adequate for things like this. What do you think of my collage then?!

Below are some snippets from the past week: things i’ve done, things i’ve loved and appreciated.

My sister, her husband and their little dog Maia came to visit We went to see Skunk Anansie I have been getting in the Easter mood with those little yellow chicks, I just can’t resist their cute little faces and their lost little eyes! It’s still been freezing, which has meant I am STILL wearing my doc martens… Tony and I went for a yummy meal at Bell’s Diner I’ve come home to Chester to some lovely sunny weather and lots of yummy food walking round Chester in the sun and taking in how pretty it is, especially the River Dee Easter eggs! (you’re never too old…)

What’s been going on in your world?

Big love

My week

The Week in Words and Pictures: Marmosets and Vintage Treasures!

March 10, 2013

"Replace fear with love" stokes croft graffiti #bristol

I’m writing this from Southampton Central station after having just missed our train back to Bristol by approximately one minute: annoying!

Ah well, every cloud has a silver lining and all that, as it’s given me the opportunity to sit and blog for an hour while we wait for the next train.

Early morning glow #sky

On Tuesday I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5.30am in order to get a 6.30am train to London for a client meeting. It was ridiculously early, but the view of the countryside with the sun coming up was beautiful, and my phone just didn’t do it justice.

Oh hai, sun! #sunrise

Although we are now predicted snow for the next few days, the week’s weather actually started out delightfully spring-like, and we’ve had some lovely daffodils in the office again.

We have the most beautiful daffodils in our office!

On Thursday Silks class was great – I made the best progress in my propeller yet so i think all the sit ups and training is paying off finally. My goal of having a perfect one by the end of the year is looking more and more likely! I don’t have a video yet, but once it gets better i’ll post one up :)

Tree branches look like veins #tree #abstract

This weekend we have been on the Isle of Wight visiting Tony’s parents. On Saturday we went to the Owl and Monkey Haven. They had some beautiful owls which the owners had either rescued or were donated by various other zoos. This Turkmenian Eagle Owl below was a beauty!

Turkmenian Eagle Owl

rufous owl

And this little one was a Rufous-legged owl – he was a real cutie!

The main reason we went though was because we’d bought Tony’s dad a ‘Marmoset Encounter’ for Christmas. Basically, this consisted of going in the enclosure with the marmosets and feeding them! They jump all over you and sit on your head, and generally just act cute.

Tony, his dad and all the Marmosets!

His dad was so happy to do this – it was great. Afterward his mum and I had a go:


Yeah, I look like an idiot. But hey, how does one look cool with a marmoset jumping on you?!

fabric, vintage

Last but not least, I scored some awesome vintage finds in the Newport charity shops. The Island is a charity shop mecca! This fabric was a huge set of curtains, and it’s V&A Habitat fabric…so beautiful! I can’t wait to show you my other bargains :)

Big love and have a great week <3

My week, Photography

The week in words and pictures: blue sky, yellow flowers and pink macarons

February 24, 2013

sky, blue

It’s been a full on couple of weeks, but i’ve now handed in my assignment and feel so much better about the next few months! Last weekend I was in Brighton for a hen do and it was such a beautiful weekend! We stayed in this amazing house called Pandora’s Emporium of Curiosities, and it had this beautiful terrace garden which we lay in on the Sunday after a pretty heavy Saturday night.

sunshine, cat

Leanne even made friends with a local cat…

macaron, pink

And apologies for the awful pic, but just look at this huge pink Macaron! Raspberry and Pistachio and absolutely heavenly. It made our ridiculously long journey back from Brighton to Bristol just about bearable, even with all the delays.


Even with the Arctic weather, it’s been feeling very spring-like in the office with Caroline bringing in Daffodils to brighten up our mantelpiece.

tapas2 tapas1We’ve been plotting our Madrid trip, and what better way to plan a trip to Spain than by eating Tapas?! 15 dishes between four of us…we did pretty well!

selfie, self portrait

It’s also been soooo cold this last week! This was my outfit to go out yesterday: poloneck h&m dress, lambswool French Connection cardie, my vintage tweed coat (that was my grans!) wooly hat and my alpaca scarf. I cycled in to town and I have to say I was  a bit warm cycling back up the hill…

shoes, vintage, gold

I did some shopping on Saturday and came across these amazing shoes in Repsycho on the Gloucester Road. I immediately tried the right foot on and it fit perfectly, however the left foot was way too big for my foot! Such a disaster! At only £15 I probably should have bought them anyway, but I decided to take a photo and just remind myself of how lovely they were…

brooch, costume jewellery

I also bought this lovely brooch for £3 – i’m wearing it on my coat but I think it might blend in a bit too much. What do you think?!

Cider, bristol, the apple, pub

Saturday night took us to the Apple for some yummy cider and possibly the best drink in the world: the Golden Green. Bristolians, there is no better rum cocktail than this. Green Island Spiced Gold rum, cloudy apple juice, ice and lemon. It is an apple crumble and custard in a glass. So. Good.

And i’m super-excited because tomorrow is my birthday! Tony’s taking me out for a meal but I don’t know where yet…it’s a surprise and i’m dying to know!

So how has your week been?


My week

Back from the brink!

February 19, 2013

Hello again!

I feel like i’ve come out of a long, hard two months of winter nights, studying for the second of my digital marketing assessments and just generally being so busy i’ve had no room to breathe!

I’ve handed the assignment in today, and although i’ve still got one more to do in 4 months time I feel so much better about where I am and what the Spring and Summer is going to bring.

As you can see there’s no Tuesday Link Treasury today because i’ve had to concentrate on studies for the past week, however this song by Laura Mvula has really captured my imagination, and it feels like it’s come just at the right time!


Is that super cheesy? Probably, but I don’t really care right now!

The next month is going to be all about getting this blog in order and finally ticking off all the little things I learnt at the Blogcademy.

Wish me luck!

Big love <3

My week

The week in words and pictures: silks, a sunrise and self-portraits

February 10, 2013

2013-02-07 07.25.37

The rugby’s just ended (well done England!), it’s raining and i’m deciding whether to make brownies or do some sewing…it must be Sunday! This week has been mostly about doing lots more silks, trying to improve my ‘bloggerface’ (I think it’s working) and doing coursework. There was a very pretty sky which annoyingly I only captured with my iPhone as I didn’t have my camera on me.

In fact, this weeks pictures are brought to you exclusively by iPhone. I blame Tony for taking my camera to Vegas with him.

2013-02-03 14.13.56 2013-02-03 17.29.32 2013-02-03 15.07.49Hannah, Donna and I did a lot of silks at the weekend, and we’ve been practicing our splits. Hannah is a dancer so doesn’t really need to practice her splits. I, on the other hand, have a long way to go still.

2013-02-06 20.57.15

The Pizza Express on Corn Street has very elaborate chandeliers and a big dome ceiling  Nice building, but not my favourite pizzas.2013-02-06 08.23.27

Tony found this hat in Vegas, and I love it! Can’t wait to wear it out :)

2013-02-04 07.47.44Totes got my #bloggerface down to a T

2013-02-08 10.47.32

Caroline brought in some daffodils to the office to brighten it up. They look great against the blue wall. Very Sweden!

2013-02-09 19.53.49

And again…I should totally be sponsored by the Blogcademy at this rate, i’m giving Kat, Gala and Shauna so much publicity with this iPhone case!

Next week, Brighton calls for what is going to be one epic hen do.

How’s your week been?

Big love <3

My week, Photography

The week in words and pictures: “practice your propeller!”

February 3, 2013

malmaison lobby

The lobby of the MalMaison in Liverpool. Biggest windows ever!

This week has been an odd one. I’ve been super busy at work and I even have a new, lovely intern to look after – it’s all very exciting! Then on Thursday Tony left really early in the morning for Las Vegas so it’s been pretty quiet in the house. It’s given me some time to get quite a few bits and bobs done, although I ave to say I work much better with some chaos around me, rather than complete quiet! My mind tends to wander off a bit if i’m on my own…

I went up to Liverpool for a work meeting on Tuesday night, and stayed in the lovely MalMaison. Although we didn’t actually have a room in the MalMaison itself as I think they had some renovation work going on, so we stayed in the apartments above the hotel. It would have been an amazing view, if only I had a room on the other side of the hotel! As it turned out, I had a lovely view of the main road…

Good morning Liverpool

Most of the week was pretty terrible weather and I got caught in the rain on my bike quite a few times. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous though and it was great to get out and about on my lovely red bike – Bristol is so pretty in the sun, it really is a pity it rains so much here!

redland park

bristol colstonstreet

I’ve also made good progress in silks. I’ve been aiming to have an awesome “propeller” by the end of the year…I think it’s very doable, seeing as though where i’m at at the moment! I’ve also done loads of training this weekend, I need to get a stronger core and abs if I want to be able to do a good propeller!


back balance on aerial silks

My back balance – it looks like I have no head!

I’m looking forward to having Tony back home on Tuesday, apparently he went to see the Cirque du Soleil LOVE show last night, and i’m so jealous!

Big love for the week ahead <3