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Inkifi – my new favourite Instagram photo printing service

March 10, 2015

It may surprise you to hear this (or not…), but I remember very clearly the era before digital photography. I had an SLR up until it got stolen on my year abroad in uni, so until I was 22. That was in 2006. I have a huge box full of printed photos – I used to go to the Chester Camera Centre with my stash of Ilford films, wait patiently for 3-5 days and then pay sometimes a small fortune to get the photos back…it was a slow process, but so exciting.

As much as I love digital photography – Instagram is my favourite app, and I have owned a Nikon D40 for 8 years now – I miss printing my photos. I know i’m not the only one who is guilty of keeping hundreds of photos on their computer, or Facebook account, only to look at them every now and again. I used to love the anticipation of getting a set of photos back from the camera shop, never quite knowing how they would turn out.

I love looking through them every now and again. Taking a trip down memory lane, and rotating the photos we have out already, replacing them with new ones.

As well as having a load of photos stored on my phone, computer and Facebook account, I have hundreds of photos in my Instagram account – 668 at the last count. It’s my visual diary. Scrolling through the photos is a bit like flicking through the ‘real’ photos, except a lot less satisfying.

This is where Inkifi comes in. I have used a service called Polagram to print my Instagram photos before, and to be fair it was a good, quick service. However when Inkifi got in touch to ask me to review their prints, I couldn’t say no. Not only do they boast using 100% sustainable materials, but the quality of their products is incredibly important to them.

“All our products are printed on premium, smooth fine art paper with a natural, matte finish that really brings out the character of your images.

We have worked hard to source beautiful materials for you that only have a minimal impact on the environment. All of our products have now been officially approved by FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council.”


“It’s so important to us that you can buy our products in the safe knowledge that they have been produced in an environmentally-friendly way. We are convinced that being kind to nature is not only a complete necessity in order to preserve our most precious and delicate planet but also a huge benefit to the design of our products. You can literally feel the difference when you touch something made from sustainable materials – it just feels better in your hands, softer, more organic and somehow more alive; as if each print or frame has its own story to tell you – which of course, it does.”


It took me a while to decide what to get printed. As I said, it was about 4 months ago that I got the other photos printed, so I didn’t just want to repeat what i’d already gotten printed.

Instead, I went with a theme, and decided on a colour scheme: blues, greens and natural settings. So I printed my pictures of the sky, pretty architecture and shots of the sea/water. I ordered 24 prints.

inkifi DSC_1246 DSC_1245

I decided to go with the Square prints  in order to arrange them all nicely like in the photos…ha! No seriously, I actually find they look nicer square. I also took the conscious decision to only print the photos that were square, as opposed to the ones where i’d used another app (such as Squaready) to make them narrow in height or width. I wanted one unified, seamless look.

DSC_1256 inkifi

So, all in all i’m really happy with my new Inkifi prints. The quality really is great, and they look so pretty. It’s so nice having printed photos, and I’m really glad I went with a theme, too. I would definitely recommend doing that if you’re overwhelmed with which photos you should print.

Next on my wish list is the Instagram Poster Print, I might make that one travel-themed…

I’d love to know if you get your photos printed, too! Let me know in the comments, or get in touch.

Big love <3



This post was made possible thanks to Inkifi

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An almost-Autumnal walk in Westonbirt Arboretum

October 30, 2014

It was the beginning of October, pretty much the start of Autumn, or so we thought! We decided to go to Westonbirt Arboretum with my mum and brother to see what they call the ‘autumn firework display’. However,  it was still so warm (as it is now, in fact!) that hardly any of the trees had started to turn orange and yellow! It was still incredibly beautiful though, and everywhere you looked there were lovely, old, huge trees. My mum had a field day (ahem…) admiring all the trees and I think it took us about 2 hours just to the round the first half of a section!! It was such a lovely, warm day though, you couldn’t help but walk though and take it all in at a nice, slow pace.

DSC_0624 DSC_0621 DSC_0625

DSC_0631 DSC_0630 DSC_0634

Tony liked hiding amongst the logs….

DSC_0636 DSC_0637 DSC_0641 DSC_0644 DSC_0645

I’m glad we finally made it there, it’s been so many years that i’ve wanted to go! Although next year we’ll definitely get it right with the timings, and hopefully see all the Japanese Maple trees in their full red splendour.

Big love <3


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Flowers, flowers everywhere!

September 18, 2014


It’s been such lovely weather this September, and the last of the summery flowers are still blooming. I recently went to Tyntesfield House, where the gardens had the most beautiful flowers. Unfortunately my pictures probably don’t do them justice…but they’re lovely too look at for a bit of colour and smiles.




Happy Thursday! Let’s hope the nice weather hangs around a little longer :)

Big love x

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The week in words and pictures: blue sky, yellow flowers and pink macarons

February 24, 2013

sky, blue

It’s been a full on couple of weeks, but i’ve now handed in my assignment and feel so much better about the next few months! Last weekend I was in Brighton for a hen do and it was such a beautiful weekend! We stayed in this amazing house called Pandora’s Emporium of Curiosities, and it had this beautiful terrace garden which we lay in on the Sunday after a pretty heavy Saturday night.

sunshine, cat

Leanne even made friends with a local cat…

macaron, pink

And apologies for the awful pic, but just look at this huge pink Macaron! Raspberry and Pistachio and absolutely heavenly. It made our ridiculously long journey back from Brighton to Bristol just about bearable, even with all the delays.


Even with the Arctic weather, it’s been feeling very spring-like in the office with Caroline bringing in Daffodils to brighten up our mantelpiece.

tapas2 tapas1We’ve been plotting our Madrid trip, and what better way to plan a trip to Spain than by eating Tapas?! 15 dishes between four of us…we did pretty well!

selfie, self portrait

It’s also been soooo cold this last week! This was my outfit to go out yesterday: poloneck h&m dress, lambswool French Connection cardie, my vintage tweed coat (that was my grans!) wooly hat and my alpaca scarf. I cycled in to town and I have to say I was  a bit warm cycling back up the hill…

shoes, vintage, gold

I did some shopping on Saturday and came across these amazing shoes in Repsycho on the Gloucester Road. I immediately tried the right foot on and it fit perfectly, however the left foot was way too big for my foot! Such a disaster! At only £15 I probably should have bought them anyway, but I decided to take a photo and just remind myself of how lovely they were…

brooch, costume jewellery

I also bought this lovely brooch for £3 – i’m wearing it on my coat but I think it might blend in a bit too much. What do you think?!

Cider, bristol, the apple, pub

Saturday night took us to the Apple for some yummy cider and possibly the best drink in the world: the Golden Green. Bristolians, there is no better rum cocktail than this. Green Island Spiced Gold rum, cloudy apple juice, ice and lemon. It is an apple crumble and custard in a glass. So. Good.

And i’m super-excited because tomorrow is my birthday! Tony’s taking me out for a meal but I don’t know where yet…it’s a surprise and i’m dying to know!

So how has your week been?


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The week in words and pictures: “practice your propeller!”

February 3, 2013

malmaison lobby

The lobby of the MalMaison in Liverpool. Biggest windows ever!

This week has been an odd one. I’ve been super busy at work and I even have a new, lovely intern to look after – it’s all very exciting! Then on Thursday Tony left really early in the morning for Las Vegas so it’s been pretty quiet in the house. It’s given me some time to get quite a few bits and bobs done, although I ave to say I work much better with some chaos around me, rather than complete quiet! My mind tends to wander off a bit if i’m on my own…

I went up to Liverpool for a work meeting on Tuesday night, and stayed in the lovely MalMaison. Although we didn’t actually have a room in the MalMaison itself as I think they had some renovation work going on, so we stayed in the apartments above the hotel. It would have been an amazing view, if only I had a room on the other side of the hotel! As it turned out, I had a lovely view of the main road…

Good morning Liverpool

Most of the week was pretty terrible weather and I got caught in the rain on my bike quite a few times. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous though and it was great to get out and about on my lovely red bike – Bristol is so pretty in the sun, it really is a pity it rains so much here!

redland park

bristol colstonstreet

I’ve also made good progress in silks. I’ve been aiming to have an awesome “propeller” by the end of the year…I think it’s very doable, seeing as though where i’m at at the moment! I’ve also done loads of training this weekend, I need to get a stronger core and abs if I want to be able to do a good propeller!


back balance on aerial silks

My back balance – it looks like I have no head!

I’m looking forward to having Tony back home on Tuesday, apparently he went to see the Cirque du Soleil LOVE show last night, and i’m so jealous!

Big love for the week ahead <3

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The week in words and pictures at the Blogcademy: “Take the initiative”

January 28, 2013

blogcdemy balloon

This week’s words and pictures is all about one thing really…The Blogcademy! It was possibly the most inspiring and informative two days of my life so far. Gala, Kat and Shauna really know their stuff, and as a complete fangirl it was also amazing meeting them all. Below are a few of my photos from the two days:

blogcademy-studio kat-gareth-student-blogcademy restoration-cake-cupcakeCupcakes by Restoration Cake – delicious!

blogcademy-paperballs blogcademy-headmistresses-2 blogcademy-headmistresses

The three headmistresses teaching the blogging gospel!

me3blogcademy, gala darling, NubbyMe and the headmistresses – Photo by Lesley Taylor

I’ve got so much to go over and organise, and i’ve started by updating my ‘About’ page – what do you think? I’ve also got plans for lots more regular features about life in Bristol, plus a weekly link treasury and a monthly ‘how to’. It’s all go from here on in!

Some of my favourite quotes from the two days:

taketheinitiative-v2 Blogcademy quotes Blogcademy quotes Blogcademy quotes

Big love <3


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A very cold and snowy week in words and pictures

January 20, 2013

sunrise, sun, orange

The week started with some of the most amazing sunrises i’ve seen in a while. We’re lucky in that we live at the top of the hill, so the sunrise just looks amazing from outside our house. I couldn’t resist the oppurtunity to get my ‘real’ camera out (as opposed to the iPhone!) and snap this shot.

Other than that my week can be described quite simply with two words:


So yeah, it’s been snowing here in Bristol (totally old news now). I’m particularly not looking forward to the walk in (down that hill) tomorrow. It’ll be icy for sure…

Below are some snaps from the snowy week.

myshoes The Dr Martens Tony got me for Christmas have been proving their worth this week, they are perfect for walking in the snow, and they look good too…notice the fancy alpine leg warmers. They haven’t left my legs since Friday morning!


Tony and my umbrella. This was on Friday, when it was just fresh and easy to walk on. It was almost fun. Almost.

gate-snow b&wtwigsObligatory black and white arty snow shots. Why not, eh?

I also got my haircut yesterday! Photos soon…

I’ll be back in the week…i’ve got to go and decide what on earth to wear for the Blogcademy on Wednesday and Thursday (mild panic setting in now!).  How on earth am I going to decide?!


My week, Photography

My week in words and pictures – just a short one this week!

January 13, 2013


As you can see, the week started out quite beautifully. It’s finally starting to feel like winter here, snow has been predicted but I seriously doubt it’ll fall in Bristol! Although if it does, I’ll be sliding down the hill to work tomorrow in my lovely shiny new Dr Martens.

My week has been….hectic to say the least. But hectic not in a particularly good way. Work has been good, but manic, and I’ve had a lot of coursework to do catch up on.


I started the week with a good old list. I felt a lot ‘fresher’ after last weekend then most, having not even had one drink! I got to see my lovely sister, albeit briefly on Thursday after a work meeting in London. She gave me lots of Origins samples (where she works) which I’m inevitably going to get used to and then want even more of! I can’t wait to stay with her in a couple of weeks for the Blogcademy, and see where she lives for the first time since she moved to London.


I spotted this amazing book in the Amnesty bookshop on Gloucester Road at the weekend. I kind of think I should have bought it for my sis, I mean, pupcakes?!? Awesome.


After a very productive weekend in which I did loads of work and didn’t even drink a thing, I decided to treat myself to a glass of wine at the pub for dinner. It was so good, I can’t believe I only lasted 12 days without drinking, but then it’s not like a little every now and again is going to hurt, is it?!

Also, can you tell I’ve been playing with the new Snapseed filters? They’re pretty good, I love the new Retrolux one.

And so tomorrow brings another week, and another week closer to the Blogcademy! I’m getting so excited about it now, and have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear (obviously the most important thing!). Although, I have got some sequined cat ears which are going to have to make the journey with me, what do you reckon?!



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2012: Looking back on a great year

December 30, 2012

aerial silks

Photo by Joe Clarke

This is my first retrospective blog post, looking back on how 2012 has been for me. I’ve never really done anything like this before, where i’ve actually sat down and gone through photos, my Facebook timeline and tweets to see what I did this year. You know, the years are passing by so quickly that you risk just forgetting exactly what you’ve achieved, whether it’s just something small or big. I didn’t think i’d done that much this year, but looking back I’ve done a lot more than I thought!

Birthday Cake

I turned 28, not a significant age, i’ll admit. But my mum did remind me that she was that age when she had me…thanks mum!


Tony and I went to Italy to visit my Gran (for the first time since we got back from travelling in 2011), and finally discovered what Gelsi looked like. They have been a mystery for me to translate from Italian to English for ages!

Me and LeanneI went to 2 weddings and 3 hen dos – one of which I organised for one of my best friends Leanne. It was super-stressful organising the hen do, but it turned out to be a great weekend in North Devon and I stressed for absolutely nothing. She had an amazing time!

Colette dressI got a sewing machine for my birthday in February and started sewing almost immediately! I started out making a cushion cover, then worked up to an iPad cover, a top for myself, then I was really proud of myself in June where I made myself a summer dress. I’m looking forward to dedicating more time to sewing next year!

Leanne and Callum

I witnessed 2 of my closest friends getting married in September, and despite the terrible weather over the whole summer, the sun shone and it was a beautiful Autumn day.

SilksI started doing silks at the Island, in the centre of Bristol, and at the end of the year I worked towards doing my first solo show! It was amazing, and inspired me to do more, push myself harder and get even better at it.

Levenshulme station

I started a marketing course in Digital Media and Branding with the CIM, so that I could get better at my job and learn as much as I can. It’s been tough so far, but hopefully will be worth it in the end!


This took me to Manchester for the first time in ages, and I got to meet up with my oldest friend who i’ve known since I was just 7 years old. Isn’t she lovely?! We’ve seen each other more this year that we have in the last 5 years, and I’m making sure this continues into the next year too!


We had a holiday in Sardegna for the first time ever, and hired a boat to go looking for an underwater statue of Mary. It was such a beautiful place, i’m hoping we can go back again in 2013!

Rocking the Aztec look thanks to @white2black :p

Went home to Chester a few times, and stole my mum’s clothes…OK so this isn’t really an achievement, and I didn’t really steal them (apart from the hat and bag), but it was surprising nice looking at my mum’s wardrobe and finding quite a few things I wanted to wear.

And of course, I started this blog back in August. That means i’ve been blogging for just over 4 months, which is crazy! I’m looking forward to continuing this into the new year.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for next year, and up there high on the list is that I hope Tony and I can buy a house together. This time next year I want the excitement of having moved in to our first real home together. I can’t wait!!

I’ve got a list (not a long one…i think!) of goals I want to achieve in the next year, so I think my next post will be a round-up of those.

Happy new year

Have a great new year everyone, see you on the other side!

<3 Sofia

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The Island Scratch Night – my performance on the Aerial Silks

December 19, 2012

On Sunday 9th December I performed my very first solo show at the Island Scratch Night. The night was organised as an informal performance/cabaret show for semi-professionals and non-professionals like me to take part.

It was a really exciting opportunity for me, as i’d never done a solo show before on the silks (or anything, for that matter) and I got to feature in a show with some really great acts, some of which were way above my level! Below are a selection of the photos, taken on the night by Joe Clarke. We were so lucky to have such a talented photographer documenting the night, as you’ll see below from the amazing photos!

15  This is Donna, who organised the event33

 Hamish Tjoeng on the corde lisse26

 Brenda Waite19  Ali Jones on Trapeze12

Jilly – she was one of the evening students too, and you would never have known!aerial silks  Me! Doing the ‘Catarin Wheel’ (as taught by Lyn Routledge)aerial silks  Me again!
SuperBob on the corde lisse – he too is an evening class student. He opened the night being the first act, and was so good!duo su Duo Su – acro and corde lisse

Hopefully there will be another event organised soon, and I can’t wait to take part again! I’m already thinking about how I can improve on my first performance, what I want to add and take away from the routine I did, and starting to thing about what song it would be best to do it on.

It was so exhilarating, something i’ve wanted to do for so long but never had the guts to. I’m all for doing many, many more of these!


* The Island is “a multi use arts facility and creation centre in the old police station in Bristol city centre. It hosts a wide variety of creative spaces from circus training, dance and rehearsal rooms, making spaces and artists studios to dark rooms, recording studios, a gallery and a suite of early 20th century police cells”. Go visit the site and take part! *