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Heaven-scent bliss at Neil’s Yard Remedies pamper party

September 4, 2014


When you get an invite from Neil’s Yard Remedies to ask if you want to attend a pampering event, I don’t think there’s ever any question as to what the answer should be! For me, Neil’s Yard Remedies has been one of those companies that i’ve admired from afar for a long time. Perhaps embarrassingly I have never even been to the Whiteladies Road shop even after living in Bristol for almost 12 years! Ops…perhaps not one to admit to the Neil’s Yard PR team (who were super lovely!!)



The apartment was decorated with roses in blue Neil’s Yard bottles, and the smell of Frankincense, Rose and Ylang Ylang drifted throughout the place – bliss!

neil's yard remedies

Once everyone had arrived, it was time for Sue Adlam to begin with the pampering. She started off by getting us to ‘guess the smell’ of three essential oils, asking us how they made us feel, what we thought when we smelled them and whether we had any guesses as to what they were. The first was really tricky – I just got that it smelled ‘warm’ and we were all kicking ourselves when she told us it was Rose! The second oil was Frankincense, which we all thought was very similar to Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, and the third was one of my favourites – Lavender.


Rose and Frankincense in particular are used quite predomintently in Neil’s Yard products, and one of their best-selling products is a cream called Frankincense Hydrating Cream although apparently this is being rapidly overtaken by their Frankincense Intense cream.


Once Sue had finished explaining to us about the benefits of cleansing, toning and moisturising every night (a guilty show of only 3 hands when she asked if anyone did this religiously every night!) it was time to demonstrate the facial. She asked for a volunteer, and what do you know I was the only first one to put my hand up!



Now, having never actually had a facial (is that unusual? I don’t know…I kind of felt slightly ashamed for admitting it, but I was surrounded by beauty experts and bloggers…) I wasn’t sure what to expect. However Sue talked through the products she would be using, and why, and also got the girls to test the products on the back of their hands throughout the session (on the same hand throughout to see the difference).


The products Sue used on me were, from left to right, Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser, Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil, White Tea Facial Mist and Frankincense Hydrating Cream. Sue was very careful in not using too much of the product on my skin, as she said that actually a little does go a long way (just as well really, as the total cost comes to £82.00 for the four products. If, like me, you’re used to buying the £2.99 Simple face wash and cleansing wipes, this sort of cost comes at a bit of a shock!)

Despite my reservation about the high cost, I have to say that the products not only smelled divine, but made my skin feel amazing too. It’s almost as if the essential oils in them give your skin a renewed boost, I left the party feeling like my skin was positively glowing!

We also got to test various oils and serums, all of which smelled divine, one particular stand out product was the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the Beauty Sleep Concentrate (which we are sure does actually make you more beautiful whilst you sleep…)

Rose balm neil's yard

I left the pamper party high on aromatherapy oils, with a lovely bag featuring Alice Shields’ illustrations promoting the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, and with a big grin on my face. Thanks so much to Jessica from Neil’s Yard for the invite, and it was also great to meet some lovely, like-minded bloggers.

Sofia x

Tuesday Link Treasury

Tuesday Link Treasury: Paint and Glitter

March 12, 2013



Well what a week! We’ve gone from Spring back to Winter again all in the space of a few days. It is freezing here! I tell you, cycling in this cold is playing absolute havoc with my skin.

Anyway, here is your weekly list of internet treasures to procrastinate with…enjoy!

  • OK I take it back, THIS is the best thing i’ve seen all year. Hilarious!! 
  • Interesting article in the Guardian last week on how Boris Johnson could actually do a lot for London cyclists. I still think he’s a plonker, but is he pulls this off he may gain a lot of respect…
  • & Other Stories, H&M’s other big sister, launched on Friday. I am already obsessing about the shoes, the silk dresses, the skirts….everything! Also, I LOVE the site layout. They have properly thought about the iPad shopping generation, it works perfectly on a tablet.

Big love <3