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Aperol Spritz Socials – the best summer cocktail bar is in Bristol for the weekend!

June 18, 2015

Last Friday night I was invited to an Aperol Spritz media event at the Severn Shed, ahead of the upcoming Bristol Aperol Spritz Socials this weekend and next weekend in Bristol. Now, I LOVE an Aperol Spritz, and being half Italian I couldn’t well turn down an opportunity not only to learn more about this awesome cocktail, but also be in for a chance to win a bottole of Aperol and Prosecco to take home!

aperol IMG_5964

Our host for the evening, Aperol’s Brand Ambassador Loris Contro, told us all about the history of this famous Italian ‘aperitivo’ and showed us how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz, in 3 simple steps.

IMG_5966 IMG_5967 IMG_5968

For those of you who aren’t sure, here is the recipe to make the perfect Aperol Spritz:

Fill a large wine glass with ice and pour in:

  • 3 parts Prosecco (75 ml)
  • 2 parts Aperol (50 ml)
  • 1 dash of Soda Water (25 ml)
  • Garnish with a slice of fresh orange, sit back, relax and enjoy

As part of the evening there was also a competition to see who could make the fastest and best Aperol Spritz…a few of us entered, and it was so nerve-racking! Silly really, all you’re doing is making a drink as fast as you can in front of a load of strangers…!!

IMG_5972 IMG_5974

Unfortunately I didn’t win…but I did come a respectable second with a time of 28 seconds! The girl who won made hers in 20 seconds – pretty amazing, and it tasted good!

So tonight the Aperol Spritz Socials are coming to Bristol! In Anchor Square, Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo will be there tonight to spin the tunes, and Aperol are going to be there from tonight and on 19th & 20th, plus next week too on 25th, 26th & 27th June. Apparently there are also going to be tuk tuks to take you and your cocktails between bars! If the weather stays as nice as it is today then I can’t actually imagine a better drink to drink than a nice Aperol Spritz…i’m not even kidding, it’s SUCH a perfect summer drink!

<3 xx



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The Ladyboys of Bangkok are oh so fabulous!

April 21, 2015
ladyboys of bangkok

Last night we went to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok in their popular cabaret show, over in Castle Park. I had no idea what to expect (to the point where when I told a work colleague, she was like ‘oh I thought you were going to see one of those Thai ping-pong shows…’) and no, it wasn’t like that at all!

Cabaret shows aren’t really my thing, or at least I thought they weren’t, maybe they are and I never knew it?! To be fair I haven’t gone to see many cabaret shows in my time, so I haven’t got a lot to compare this to. The ladyboys were great, I loved it! They were tongue-in-cheek funny, and all of the ladyboys were so beautiful! You honestly couldn’t tell they were men…(well, maybe apart from a couple of them…)

IMG_5588 IMG_5571

Their repertoire included songs by Rihanna, they did a 3 minute Sound of Music medley (AMAZING!), Katy Perry, Tina Turner, Diana Ross to name a few!

IMG_5574 IMG_5572

The masks for sale in the foyer were particularly fetching!


Any opportunity to take a photo!

IMG_5617 IMG_5622IMG_5616

This is when they did ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. Although, I must be the only person in the world who has STILL not seen Frozen!! And from the sounds of it, i’m totally missing out.

Their dancing was brilliant, and you couldn’t help but smile, sing and dance along while watching the show – I couldn’t have asked for a more random, funny and entertaining Monday night out with the girls!


Tina was my absolute favourite. This ladyboy ROCKED every single act, and was hilarious to boot!

This is definitely going to be an annual thing from now on. Next time we’ll do Friday or Saturday night, for sure!!

Sofia <3

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Bristol Fashion Week: the Spring / Summer 2015 show

March 30, 2015
bristol fashion week

On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be invited to the VIP show of Bristol Fashion Week, which is the first time i’ve ever been. It’s up at Cribbs Causeway which, if you don’t have a car and live in the centre is a bit of trek to get to…I had to race out of work at 5.30, run to the bus, and then just about got there on time for the show, which started at 6.30,

DSC_1368 DSC_1369

The show was co-presented by Lucy Watson (of Made in Chelsea fame…i’m afraid I was a bit clueless as to who she was as i’m not a particularly massive MIC fan…), and featured high street shops from Cribbs – Topshop, Jigsaw, Gap, Superdry and Hobbs.


The theme for the Spring/Summer collections was, of course, holidays and travel, which made for lovely colourful backdrops on the catwalk.

My favourite looks were the pastels and florals – i’m not usually one for florals but there were some lovely prints, and the dresses were oh so pretty.

DSC_1398 DSC_1408

Afterwards we headed to M&S for a preview in to their new collection, and of course CHEESE and MEAT and SPARKLING WINE. I won’t lie, that was a real highlight after having left work with nothing to eat, and sitting through the fashion show…

It didn’t take us long to tuck in to it, after taking a few photos of ourselves and the clothes, of course.

DSC_1414 DSC_1415DSC_1417DSC_1419DSC_1420DSC_1421DSC_1422DSC_1423DSC_1430IMG_5397

Thanks so much for having me, can’t wait for the Autumn/Winter show now!

<3 Sofia x

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An interactive map of some of my favourite places around Bristol

February 5, 2015

For today’s blog post I thought I would bring you something a little different, and as you can see, it’s a map!

I got together with Lime Venue Portfolio to create this, and it shows you some of my favourite spots around the city. Click either on the map pins to find out more about each location, or select from the drop down to view either shops, bars and pubs, restaurants and local attractions.

I’ve not just stuck to one area, as the beauty of Bristol is that each area has so much to offer. I have lived and worked in many of these areas and I love what they each have to offer. I used to love wandering down Gloucester Road on a Saturday (one of the longest roads in the country with the most independent shops on it, apparently!), going in to all the shops and people watching.

Similarly it’s always refreshing heading up to the downs for a walk and to blow away the cobwebs, and over to the Observatory near the Suspension Bridge to take in the amazing views.

So I hope you enjoy checking out some of my favourite spots – let me know what yours are!

<3 Sofia

This post was made possible with the help of Lime Venue Portfolio


Love Bristol

LOVE Bristol: Harry Blades & Angry Daves

February 2, 2015
harry blades angry daves

For the first LOVE Bristol of 2015 I’m really excited to have Brad from Harry Blades & Angry Daves give an insight in to his daily routine and what life is like as the owner and co-founder of HBAD. I happen to have had my hair cut with Brad since before he opened up his shop on the Christmas Steps, and since starting up this blog i’ve always wanted to feature him as one of my interviewees. 

Please give a warm welcome to Brad :)


Hi! Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell me a little bit about your background, and what brought you to Bristol? 

It’s a long story but basically came to Bristol as a stopgap in between jobs. I had been based in Oxford and doing a lot of work in London up until then. Some of my best friends lived down here and decided to take some time out in the West Country and that was almost 10 years ago. I fell in love with the city very early on and haven’t wanted to leave.

Why did you choose the Christmas Steps as the location for your shop, and what was your biggest challenge in opening it?

Mainly because the rent was affordable enough for us to do it. We also really liked the area. It was not as vibrant as it is now but we loved it and thought that it would totally fit with what we had in mind for the store. We always wanted the shop to be somewhere that people discover rather than it being in an obvious location. A risky strategy but it has paid off. I like the idea of the shop being a badly kept secret.

hbadDSC_1193 DSC_1195

Where does the name HBAD come from?

HBAD stands for Harry Blades & Angry Daves. Dave already had a shop called Angry Daves that sold streetwear and limited edition imported trainers, when we decided to add the hair element to the business we felt that Angry Daves may project the wrong image a little so we added the second name to soften the blow. Initially Harry Blade was chosen because it rhymes with Angry Dave. A bit of an anti-climax answer but I think a lot of these types of things come about like that.

What’s a typical day for you?

My typical day usually consists of parenthood (early starts for the school run) and cutting people’s hair off (very late finishes).

DSC_1219 DSC_1217

I imagine you mostly cut guys hair, as opposed to girls – is that right? If so do you ever imagine that you would only do men’s hair? (Please say no!! ha!)

We do a lot of men’s hair, yes. It has always been a huge passion of mine. However I love doing women’s hair however I have always been hugely dissatisfied with the atmosphere and approach of most hairdressing salons. At face value we lean way more towards barbering, but what we are trying to do is give people a third option. There is hairdressing, barbering, then a small collective of shops that are approaching things in a similar way to us. I would far rather people see us more like a custom tattoo shop but for hair. The dynamic within the shop is way more informal much like a traditional barbershop but as we do women’s hair too that changes things slightly compared to it being an all male environment. What we are trying to do is introduce a new approach for women, much slower, and less mass-produced. Something that is totally customized for them. No condescension, just working with the client to bring out the best in what they have, and to fit their personal style rather than pigeon holing them. There are a million high street salons that can do that.

I feel that in recent years women’s hair has become slightly maligned and is not seen as being nearly as ‘cool’ as barbering is for the guys. I lay the blame for this directly at the feet of the ‘industry’ for turning hairdressing into a cartoon of itself. This something I would definitely like to play my part in changing.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I have a fantastic team that I work with and spend a lot of the day laughing with them. They are brilliant and a total joy. I am very proud of what we are achieving together. That and the relationship I have with my clients and the creative satisfaction that I have from working hard for them and them being excited and pleased with the work that we are doing. It is not the easiest job sometimes but I love everyday that I am behind the chair. It is where I belong.

DSC_1200 DSC_1206

Where do you look to for inspiration? 

Everywhere. Walking around, Magazines, Blogs, Social Media, and I am enormously privileged to be able to travel and work with other professionals from all over the country and the rest of the world. I feel like I am constantly learning.

What advice would you give to any other aspiring start-ups?

Never borrow more than you absolutely have to. A good accountant is always useful, and to stick to your strengths. Don’t try and do it all. I have nearly burnt out several times from taking on too much. I have a fantastic relationship with my business partner and we have both found that we excel in very different areas and when we work together, but stick to our strengths, things go a lot better.


What’s next for HBAD?

We are currently in the process of building a Barbershop on Park St underneath Fifty Fifty. It will be a slightly different concept. I definitely have no intention of the original store becoming a chain. It will also give me the freedom to showcase more of the women’s work at the Christmas Steps site as well as the gentleman’s barbering. I think that will be more than enough for this year.

DSC_1213 DSC_1209

Lastly, some questions about Bristol: where’s your favourite spot in Bristol, and what do you love most about the city?

That is impossible to answer. I adore the city as a whole. The rough and the smooth. Bristol has largely been responsible for making me everything that I am now, and will always be deeply grateful to the city and the people in it for giving me that. I hope that what we are doing will return at least a little bit back.


Thanks so much Brad! 

Find out more about HBAD on their website, through Facebook or you can follow Brad on Instagram


You can read more of my LOVE Bristol posts here – I do these because I want to promote local, independent shops and love learning about how our city thrives on them. If you’d like to be featured on one of my LOVE Bristol interviews, just send me an email or get in touch on Twitter!

<3 Sofia

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Wine, cheese, meat, friends…all the best things at Bar Buvette

January 21, 2015

bar buvette

Tony and I stumbled across Bar Buvette by pure chance. We had decided to go to Bao Wow for some Pho noodles before the cinema the other week, and on the way to the Watershed from Bao Wow we walked past it. We noticed it because it had those amazing ‘Caravaggio’ lamp shades, and also because the previously empty shop was actually open with people in there. So we popped in to have a look. After checking out the cheese, crudite and salad bar, we spoke briefly to the owners who said they were only here for a month as a ‘pop up’.

So we decided to bring our friends back and spend our Friday night here.

DSC_1103 DSC_1106DSC_1123 DSC_1114 DSC_1112

It’s a wine bar, and they specialise in French organic and bio-dynamic wines. As well as that, you can order a platter of cheese, cold meats, salads and the table comes with a jar of cornichons as standard – what more could you want?! Oh, maybe some chocolate cake? Well they have that!! (Flourless too….)

bar buvette


DSC_1137 DSC_1138 DSC_1140 DSC_1175

I don’t normally write about restaurants/nights out but I just felt I had to share this with you. Bar Buvette is like nothing that exists in Bristol. You can go and drink nice wine, without having to spend a huge amount on a meal, or be in a stuffy bar. Did I mention they have CHEESE?

CHEESE and WINE. There is literally nothing more than you need in life. Nothing.

DSC_1188DSC_1155 DSC_1161 DSC_1165

On top of that, the owners are just so lovely. They were really accommodating with our group of 10 (we did book in advance – probably a safe bet if you’re going in a big group at the weekend), and I think they’ve really hit on something good with this bar. Peter Taylor, part owner (I believe with his partner/wife Max Ososki) used to be owner of the Riverstation, and he now runs a restaurant in Haute Loire, France called Auberge de Chassignoles. From what I gather, the restaurant is closed in the winter months, therefore he’s back in Bristol bringing us unique wines that you won’t find anywhere else.

DSC_1197 DSC_1195 DSC_1115

I will definitely be back before they shut up…and hopefully if the rumours are true they will be sticking around a bit longer than the end of January. If not, take my advice and go, you won’t regret it!

If you want to find out more about Bar Buvette, the best way to contact them is either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Big love <3 Sofia

Something different

2014 – a year in house renovations, sewing and forming new goals

December 30, 2014

sequin flower

I’m sure I won’t be the first to say that this year has flown by! It’s been a year filled with birthdays, weddings, friends, house renovations and meeting some great new people. It was a landmark year in terms of birthdays – I turned 30 (eeek!) and so did Tony.

March marked the beginning of our house renovations, which took up almost all of our time and blogging took a bit of a back seat for a while. We’ll soon have it all starting again after a little bit of a break from all the building work, but I think this time around i’m going to be much more prepared and organised, and will be updating our progress on the blog later in the year.

Dining room

Sewing featured heavily in my year – I did 2 courses at the Folk House dressmaking course, and not only have a learned loads but I also made a lot more than I thought: a blazer, top, skirt and a dress…and that’s only the things i’ve blogged about! Sewing has become a bit of an obsession, but I suppose as far as obsessions go it’s not a bad one to have!

victoria blazer

In the autumn I started up my LOVE Bristol posts again. I’ve featured Rhubarb Jumble and Pod this year, and i’m looking forward to getting loads more of Bristol’s independent and unique shops and characters on the pages of my blog.

I realised that I wanted to make more of this amazing city I live in. I am honestly always so thankful of being here – it could have been so different when I thin back on the various choices in my life, and everyday i’m glad I decided to stay and make my life here. Bristol never fails to impress.

bristol harbourside

Goals for 2015

I always say I need to get more organised, but really, I do!! I’m going to be realistic in my blogging goals – I know I can’t do it all with having a full time job and trying to have a life as well, so i’m going to make sure that my blogs are about quality, not necessarily quantity. I am excited about the next year in terms of featuring more about Bristol and the people that make this city so great, and about having a great group of blogging friends to go to as well with the #blogclub.

I’ve got plans for this blog in 2015, but they’re still very much in my head and not fully formed…however I feel like this next year is going to be the one where it’s going to come together. Watch this space!

I’m also going to get more ambitious in my sewing – there is so much still to learn and I want to be able to make as much of what I wear as possible. It’s going to be hard, but you have to start somewhere!

bristol harbour

Here’s to 2015, happy new year!

Sofia <3

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LOVE Bristol: An interview with Pod

December 15, 2014
the pod company

This month, i’m really excited to have Pod as my guest on LOVE Bristol. Back when I was a fresh-faced graduate out of Bristol University, Sian – the owner of Pod – gave me my first ‘proper’ job, and so I became their web manager and worked with them for around 2 years. I learnt so much about working in retail, on websites and social media, and it was great to have the opportunity to work in such an iconic Clifton Village destination. 

So, without further ado – give a warm welcome to Sian.


Let’s start from the beginning, could you us a little bit about how Pod started out, and where the idea came from?

I started Pod in 2000 when I moved with my family from London to Bristol.  I had been working in PR, looking after retail accounts and I’d always fancied the idea of moving over to the other side!

Where does the name ‘Pod’ come from?

When I first started Pod the emphasis was more on home accessories rather than gift and lifestyle products as it is today. As a pod is ‘home’ for peas I thought it would make a good name for a shop selling accessories for human pods! Also it was before iPods were launched in the UK as so the word was not as overused and…  I like the fact that the word works back to front as well as front to back!

Can you give us a little insight in to the inner workings of the Pod team? Who does what, and how many of you are there?

Pod has around 25 full and part time employees between the office and three stores in Bristol, Cheltenham and Oxford.

In the Bristol office Shannon Haswell makes all the buying decisions with me and is in charge of the office when I’m not around, Jess Wallwork is our Web Manager and designs our catalogue and Heather Ballantyne, a recent Bristol University graduate, helps with marketing and PR and a host of other things. In the Bristol store Sorcha Milne-Smith is Store Manager and Samantha Manning Assistant Store Manager. Sorcha is incredibly creative and talented and is responsible for many of our lovely window displays.

the pod companythe pod company

Two of the window displays that Sorcha created – the top one is based on the Nutcracker products that they are selling in the shop at the moment for Christmas, and the other is the unmistakeable Orla Kiely pattern, promoting the homeware and fashion accessories.

What might a typical day be like? I know it’s very busy around this time of year so can appreciate it’s not as typical as the rest of the year!

Things are incredibly busy at the moment but retailing generally is a labour intensive business. People who come to work for us are always surprised at the volume of goods going through the business and also the range. We have over 10,000 items on our EPOS system and over 200 suppliers so keeping on top of it all is a challenge! We are also constantly changing our retail offering so we always have lots to do!

Why did you choose the Clifton Village as the location for your first shop, and what was your biggest challenge in opening it?

I love Clifton Village and feel very lucky that I am able to work and live here. Pod moved into the current site because it just happened to come on to the market at the right time and was so obviously a fantastic location that I jumped at the opportunity. Opening Pod was a huge challenge because I had little or no actual retail experience. I have definitely had to learn on the job!

downstairs-at-pod bathroom-section

The interior of the shop is packed full to the brim of beautiful, inspiring products.

Was it difficult deciding where to place your next two shops and are there any plans for any more?

I wanted to open in towns and cities relatively close to Bristol so that I could get around the shops without having to stay away overnight. We have considered Bath and Cardiff too but at the moment I’m thinking about parts of West London for another shop if the right site comes up at the right price.

Do you have a favourite item you stock? (I don’t know if I’d be able to decide!!)

This year one of our best selling products is the HangIt frame – available in white and wood finishes – it seems to have hit the spot for lots of people. Some customers are using it to display photos, memorabilia etc, others are using it to display their children’s works of art! It’s a great price and will fit into any room – kitchen, study, living room, playroom etc.

One of our most popular books is ‘Mug Cakes‘ – how to get instant satisfaction! All you need is a microwave and mug and some basic ingredients and you have instant warm cake in 5 minutes.


Where do you look to for inspiration? 

Everywhere! In magazines, on holiday, at friends houses… anywhere and everywhere. I always have Pod at the back of my mind. Obviously I go to lots of trade shows too.

What advice would you give to any other aspiring retail businesses?

You have to really love the product, otherwise it will not work.

Lastly, some questions about Bristol: where’s your favourite spot in Bristol, and what do you love most about the city?

It’s very obvious but my favourite spot in Bristol is overlooking the suspension bridge. I walk my dog Polo up to the Observatory Tower every day and think how lucky I am to be here!


Thanks Sian and team Pod! 

For those of you doing your Christmas shopping online, Pod’s last posting dates are: 

UK Mail

Tuesday 16th December – First Class and Recorded Signed For
Monday 22nd December – Next Day Delivery
Friday 19th December – Next Day Delivery with Saturday Guarantee

International Mail

Thursday 4th December – Far East (including Japan), Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, USA and Canada
Wednesday 10th December – Western Europe

Otherwise, you can go and visit their Clifton, Oxford or Cheltenham shops, and to find out more about where they are click here.


You can read more of my LOVE Bristol posts here – I do these because I want to promote local, independent shops and love learning about how our city thrives on them. If you’d like to be featured on one of my LOVE Bristol interviews, just send me an email or get in touch on Twitter!

<3 Sofia

Love Bristol

LOVE Bristol: An interview with Rhubarb Jumble

November 3, 2014

I’m very excited to kick off this new series of LOVE Bristol posts with an insight in to one of my new favourite vintage shops, Rhubarb Jumble. Amy and Malcolm, who own the shop, were very kind to let me ask them a few questions on them, the shop, and what makes them tick. 


Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds – how you met, what brought you to Bristol and where the idea for Rhubarb Jumble came from?

Malcolm and I met through friends at university, became flat mates and after several months got together! We had lived in Edinburgh for several years, decided to go traveling for a year and when we returned, wanted to live in sunnier climes, bristol was our first stopped and we never left. We’ve been in Bristol for 8 years now and it truly feels like home. 5 years ago, I wanted to sell some vintage clothes and bags that I didn’t wear anymore, so Malx booked us a stall at Start The Bus Sunday market, it went well so we spent the proceeds on more stock and did it again a month later, that went even better and we were hooked!

rhubarb jumble

Amy and Malcolm – owners of Rhubarb Jumble

I love your name! How did it come about?

We have always been fans of puns and it just evolved from messing about with names, I don’t even really remember it happening, it’s just what we always called it. I do really love our name though, it represents the playful side of our business and we have had some very amusing typos, ‘rubhard jumble’ is a particular favourite!

Why did you choose to come to North St to set up your shop?

We traded at Tobacco Factory market for a long time and loved the attitude of the customers and found they liked us too. I’m a great fan of independent shops and really like areas that support this kind of consumerism. We did some research and thought it was a good risk to take. The part of North St that we occupy still needs a lot of support and development, but it is constantly evolving and I’m proud to be a part of that.

rhubarb jumble

How important have the markets you have traded at, such as Tobacco Factory market, been in establishing your customer base and your ‘brand?

It’s been so vital for us, we traded on markets for years and learned a lot about who we are and where we want to be. It’s such hard work doing a market, so it was a good test to see if we were cut out for it when I decided to do it full time. The first 3 and a half years of market trading was a hobby as Malcolm and I still had full time jobs. 18 months ago I took the plunge and decided it was time to give it my all.

Could you tell us about a typical day for you? (if there is one)!

Nothing is really typical! I’m always searching for stock and establishing new relationships to ensure I have something exciting and different in the shop. I work in the shop approx 4 days a week and am out at meetings with sourcing contacts the other 3. When I’m at the shop, I’m prepping new stock to go on the shop floor, chatting to customers and eating cheese toasties!


Amy and Malcolm have such a great eye for detail, and each and every product looks perfectly placed within the shop.


What’s been your favourite item you’ve ever stocked? Or to put it another way, what’s the item you’ve been most proud of stocking in your collection (if you can choose just one!)?

Crikey, that’s a tricky one to answer! Most recently I had a 1975 slot machine in the shop, I bought it initially as a display item and so many people came In Just for a look. I recently sold it and was so sad to see it go, although getting the space back has been an advantage. I also really love the Lea Stein brooches I stock. Malcolm gave me a Lea Stein brooch on our wedding day and I’ve been hooked ever since!

DSC_0649 DSC_0654

I would find it so hard to work in a vintage shop – I’m sure it would be a case of “2 for me, 1 for the shop” the whole time! Do you find it hard to resist keeping things for yourself?

I see the beauty in everything I stock even though it might not be something I would wear or have. I buy with someone else in mind which helps when parting with it and there is a real joy to seeing an item go to the perfect owner. Also we live in a terraced house and space is limited!!!

Where do you look to for inspiration?

I’m not a big fan on high street shops but I do occasionally look around to see what people are buying. I also do a lot of people watching! It’s great to see how individual and unique people are. But I just follow my nose. I love good tailoring, design and shape of clothing.


What advice would you give to any other aspiring start-ups?

Do something you are passionate about and have a genuine interest in. Start small and grow your business slowly. Take risks when you know what the risk is. Have fun with it and enjoy your job!

Lastly, some questions about Bristol: where’s your favourite spot in Bristol, and what do you love most about the city?

A bit of a weird one, but I love collecting pine cones and greenbank cemetery has loads. pine cones make great fire lighters which leads me to my next favourite spot, by the fire in our living room with my beloved cat on my lap! I am a home bird!

Bristol has a great energy, there are lots of creative like minded people who genuinely care about the city they occupy. It’s not too big and feels personal. Hurrah to Bristol – you rock!


Thanks so much Amy and Malcolm! Rhubarb Jumble is open from 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am-5pm on Sundays. They’re on Facebook, and you can also find out how to get in touch on their website (holding page). And if you enjoyed this post, you can read more LOVE Bristol interviews too.

Sofia <3

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Oooh spooky! 10 things to do in Bristol for Halloween

October 15, 2014

Mexican Skull

This year i’m really quite excited about Halloween because we have two parties to go to and i’ve got an idea for an awesome costume too…Usually i’m stumped for a new costume to think about, but I cant wait to work on it this year!

There are loads of things going on in Bristol on 31st October, and below are just a choice selection of what I think will be worth checking out.

  • Step aboard the Halloween Spooky Ship at the SS Great Britain – for £13 (£8 concessions) take a tour of the iconic ship by night.
  • Bristol Zoo Fright Night! For £12, watch Silence of the Lambs and Evil Dead in the spooky surroundings of the zoo at night…I’ve certainly not got the guts to go and watch those 2 films, should be good fun though!
  • Take part in the Bristol Zombie Walk  We went to see it last year (or was it 2 years ago?) and it’s very funny even just to watch! They’re starting out in College Green, and it looks like the route itself is secret this year.


  • Go to the Halloween banquet at the Bird in Hand. Tickets cost £35 per head – if you haven’t tried the food there yet you must, it’s so good!
  • Described as “a delicious night of Mexican feasting, Tropical Roots dancing and exciting immersive performances to celebrate yourselves, our ancestors and the delightful world of the living”, the Dia de los Muertos fiesta  at Hamilton House sounds right up my street.

the canteen

  • And while you’re at the Canteen, you can also check out the Scribble N Scratch event there.
  • Now, i’ve never done a walking tour of the city, but it seems to me that Halloween would be the perfect time to do one. Go and check out the Haunted and hidden for more info.
  • The Watershed FrightFest all Nighter  (£35 full fee, £30 concessions) is “the UK’s best fantasy film and horror festival”
  • If something a little more fancy is your thing, check out the Cadbury House Halloween Ball. Tickets cost £25 for a 3 course meal plus dancing afterwards.
  • And finally, for something a bit different, why not check out the performance of Blood Wedding by Rogueplay Theatre at Circomedia’s St Paul’s Church. Featuring aerial acrobatics, Capoeira and Spanish guitar, and it’s on the 30th October instead of 31st – so you can still go to any of the other events listed too!

So, what will you be doing on all hallows’ eve then?

Boo! <3