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Beer, Pretzels, Cycling and Cheese: highlights from a weekend in Munich

June 3, 2015


It’s been a bit quiet on here recently, but we’ve had a busy couple of weeks. For the bank holiday weekend we visited Munich – my first ever time in Germany! We visited some friends who we met when we were travelling 5 years ago in South America – 2 years ago they visited us in Bristol and so it was our turn to visit them (they had been in South Africa before then which was a bit harder to visit, hence the 2 year gap!).

Munich was a really lovely surprise – we didn’t really know what to expect (not having done any real research) – the only thing we knew was that it was famous for the Oktoberfest, so we were expecting to drink a fair amount of beer!

DSC_0076 munich

Let’s also spend a minute talking about the pretzels. OHGOD, soooo tasty! I think beer and pretzels and cheese is a match made in heaven. We were there for 5 days and I’m pretty sure we ate a pretzel every day.


And they seem to like their pastries and cakes too. Basically a coeliac’s nightmare, but everyone else’s dream.


We’d been pretty worried about the weather all week – it had been amazing for the previous weeks but every time we checked the weather app in the few days before it just said torrential rain. However once we were there it didn’t really rain too much – it was mostly just overcast with spots of rain every now and again. So one of the highlights of our trip were to hire bikes and cycle round the city.

Munich is the perfect city to cycle around – the bike lanes are pretty much all on the pavements – they’re really wide and spacious so you don’t have to worry about sharing the roads with cars, and it’s just a really relaxed city to cycle in.

DSC_0117 IMG_3369 munich

One of the stops on our trip was the Englischer Garten – a huge park in the north east of the city, which also had a couple of beer gardens which we had to stop in.

HOT TIP – they sell ‘Radler’ all over Munich, which is pretty much a shandy but with more lemonade then how we might make it here. And it’s called a ‘radler’ because the word ‘rad’ can also mean bicycle (Fahrrad is the actual word), and it’s the beer you drink if you are on your ‘rad’ cycling around the city! I can’t confirm this is true, but our mates told us that it probably was…

IMG_3417 munich

Also, just on the edge of the Englischer Garten was this standing wave in one of the Isar’s tributaries – it was quite surreal seeing guys and girls carrying surfboards on their bikes throughout the city, especially with it’s proximity to the Alps!

IMG_3431 IMG_3434 IMG_3440

On the bank holiday Monday our flight back to the UK wasn’t until later in the evening, so we took advantage of the (finally!) good weather and went to Starnberger See – a lake south of the city – for a walk along the lake. We got the train that headed towards Tutzing, and got off at the penultimate stop to walk from there to Tutzing.

IMG_3441 munich

This was more of the ‘real’ Bavaria – the houses all had fancy balconies and were decorated with paintings on the outside, and there were very few foreign tourists. The lake was beautiful, and you could just about see the alps in the distance, although apparently on a clear day they very clearly loom over the lake.

IMG_3453 munich

I would really recommend taking a trip to Munich if you haven’t been before – it was really chilled, safe and a very pretty city. The food and drink were great and I would say it’s the perfect city break. Let me know if you want any more tips!

Sofia <3