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What I made – just another Salme Kimono top

September 22, 2015

I made this top quite a while ago but only recently got round to photographing it. It’s another Salme Kimono top (see my other top here), my second one in fact, and I’m really loving this pattern!

DSC_0038 DSC_0037 DSC_0034

The fabric is from John Lewis in the sale, I think I bought it last Spring, or maybe even earlier. It’s a sort of drapey crepe, you can find a similar pattern fabric in John Lewis here, but it only seems to be available in cotton (which would also work for this top, it would just have less of a drape). It was really nice to sew with if a little slippery, but it’s by far one of my favourite items i’ve made so far. I wear it all the time, and it’s perfect for dressing up or down too.

For me, the fabric pattern and feel really help it to be quite versatile in that respect – it’s comfortable and laid back enough to wear as I have here – with sandals and jeans – and also if you put some smarter trousers or a skirt on, with some ankle boots. Hence why i’ve worn it so much, I guess!


I’ll definitely be making myself another one of these tops soon – in fact i’ve already turned this pattern in to a dress I made for myself for our holiday in Sardinia, which you can sort of see below. It’s a minty green colour, with silver thread to make it a bit more interesting around the neckline and hem.


I’ve got my eye on quite a few of Salme’s patterns, they are so lovely and actually really straightforward to sew. I think this halter top is a definite contender – perfect for a night out, made in some shimmery fabric, and how can I resist the Sofia dress ?! I’m thinking simple black with a colour pop of teal or coral for the cut out bit…

There are loads more thing I’ve made which i’ve not blogged about yet, so watch this space for more posts!

Love Sofia <3

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I made a coat! For someone else! It’s the Albion coat by Colette Patterns

January 26, 2015

colette albion

Both of those statements are totally true! When I saw the Colette Albion coat pattern, I knew Tony would like it…and so we decided that it should be his birthday present from me. Tony didn’t want a classic duffel coat as he already has one, and also to be honest I was feeling a little daunted at the prospect of making him a coat in the first place, let alone a full on duffel coat out of wool! It took me ages to decide on the fabric, but in the end a trip to Goldhawk Road sorted it, and we settled on a navy blue waxed cotton. We still wanted to line it, though, and as the second style in the pattern didn’t call for a lining, I had to mix and match the two styles a bit as I went along.

DSC_1205 colette albin

It didn’t take half as long to find the lining. I had seen this amazing ‘mountain’ printed Liberty cotton lawn (actually called ‘Manning’ – shown here in green), and so after a bit of a Google found it on the Shaukat website (they have such a huge range of Liberty prints!). It’s from a couple of seasons ago so I was pretty lucky to have found it at all. The greys and dark blues in the pattern were perfect with the navy waxed cotton, and they’re exactly the colours Tony wears all the time.

liberty manningliberty manning

Here is the pattern in more detail – isn’t it gorgeous? And perfect for a guy, too.


I also interlined the waxed cotton. I did this for two reasons: firstly because I didn’t want the waxiness of the cotton to rub off on to the  lining, and also for additional warmth and bulk. I just bought some curtain interlining from Fabricland and stitched it to the outer. I only did the main body and left the sleeves, because I didn’t want to risk it becoming too bulky especially around the shoulders.

The fabric was all pretty easy to sew – it didn’t move around or anything but it was a struggle sewing something so big and bulky! I had to really manoeuvre it around the machine.

DSC_1215 DSC_1217DSC_1196

It also took us almost as long to settle on the details – the toggles and buttons. In the end, simple wooden buttons and toggles looked best. I improvised with the navy blue leather toggle covers, which were actually from some blue elbow patches I bought from John Lewis – they worked perfectly! It was pretty hard sewing all through the leather and the coat, but worth it.

DSC_1214 DSC_1211

So, it wasn’t quite ready for his birthday…it was a couple of months late…but he’s pretty happy with it! And I have to say so am I. It wasn’t a particularly difficult pattern, and actually a really nice coat pattern to start off with. What made it hard was mixing the two coats styles – at times that really gave me a few head scratching moments as to how I was going about it! The other thing that made it a bit more difficult was just the bulk, but other than that it’s a really great pattern. I am already considering making myself the duffel version out of some wool I bought myself last year in the John Lewis sale.

Thanks Tony for being so patient :)

Big love <3



The Salme Kimono top – a nice, easy first sewing project of the year

January 19, 2015
salme kimono top

Happy new year!

I have to say i’m glad that we’re half way through January…it’s not my favourite month, but hey, is it anyone’s?!

I’ve started the year how I mean to go on: sewing clothes for myself (punctuated by a couple of & Other Stories and Zara sprees…well it was the sales!). This is probably the easiest and quickest sewing project i’ve ever done, and therefore very satisfying. The pattern is the Kimono top by Salme Sewing Patterns, and if you ask me, it’s the perfect top not just for every day wear, but I reckon you could dress it up beautifully as well.

I got the pattern of one of the girls in the Folk House sewing course last term. She sewed it in class and it is so my kind of top – flowy, kind of loose, but pretty and can be made with all sorts of lovely fabrics. I’m literally going thorugh my fabric stash in my head as I type this, imagining just how many kimono tops I could have in my wardrobe…at least one for every day of the week!

DSC_1139 salme topDSC_1133

I made it out of a fairly cheap viscose I bought from Abhakan in Chester (if you’re ever visiting Chester, pay this shop a visit!). I am quite into monochrome at the moment, and plus the pattern is quite forgiving if you make a mistake…

DSC_1152 salme kimono top

The only thing I would say is that I had some real issues with the sleeves. After a less than successful Google, I found Secret Like of Seams had also had some issues deciphering the pattern instructions, so I pretty much copied what she did. It’s still not quite right, so I’ll have to either try something else with the next one I make, or I was thinking of just bias binding the edges instead, as I found with the method I used they are a bit bulkier than i’d like. I think the neckline would like nice with bias binding too, so the next time I make it (which will be in the next couple of weeks, i’m sure!) i’ll give that a go.

Also I usually HATE doing sleeves – they are the bane of my life when it comes to sewing. So much easing, so little time…but with this pattern the sleeves are sewn as part of the body/back so literally NO EASING at all! Love it.

DSC_1106 DSC_1153

Can’t resist a silly photo…

salme kimono top

Watch this space for loads more Kimono tops!!

<3 Sofia x

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What I made – a forest green silk Elisalex dress

December 10, 2014

I have been making Tony’s coat, but really wanted to make myself something new for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. So I found myself in Fabricland again, looking at the silk velvet and the silk satin dupion and wandering which one to go for. I really wanted a green dress for ages, so this silk satin dupion (not real silk, but hey!) in the forest green colour was just calling out to me.

This is the third Elisalex i’ve made, and it’s definitely the best one so far, although i’m still making them way too long and having to chop a load off at the end.

DSC_1106 DSC_1102

It was a bit chilly outside so I had to wear my coat for some of the photos…but I think it’s good to see how it works with various accessories!

DSC_1121 DSC_1122DSC_1125 DSC_1124

So, my seam matching isn’t perfect at the front, but they are both the same amount ‘out’ on each side. And actually the seams on the side all match so i’m not too fussed.

I love this pattern, however next time I will give it a go with either a gathered or pleated skirt, and not do the tulip skirt. It is really nice as a tulip, and looks very smart and so lovely with heels too, but I need to move away from the tulip a bit and branch out to do something else with this pattern. Plus, it’s not as practical for everyday wear.

DSC_1111 DSC_1109

I lined the bodice (as per the pattern instructions) but didn’t do the skirt – to be honest with this fabric and the tulip skirt, I didn’t really think it necessary. I am really please with how the lining looks, and I slip stitched it all in so it’s nice and neat. I also used a ‘catchstitch’ for the hem which i’ve never done before, and it turned out just fine!

I always find the hem on this skirt really hard to do, probably because of the tulip shape. Does anyone else ever get this?

DSC_1100-close DSC_1103-close DSC_1104-close

All in all i’m pretty please with this version, it took my a Sunday afternoon to make it all up, and then an evening after work to finish off, hem and tidy up – probably the quickest sewing project i’ve ever done!


<3 Sofia xx

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What I made: the DIY Couture pleated skirt in black polka dots

November 17, 2014
diy couture pleated skirt

Hello! This last week was a busy one, you may have noticed from the slight lack of posts! However, good news is i’ve finally managed to finish my DIY Couture “How to make a pleated skirt” project (you can buy the book here), which I started a couple of months ago.

diy couture

I bought this book a little while ago, as I loved the idea of creating an item of clothing for my self without using a pattern. The book takes you through a step-by-step process that shows you how to measure yourself, what size pieces of fabric to cut and what types of material might be suitable.

I picked up some black polka-dot tulle from the John Lewis sale for £5 a metre a few months ago, and i’ve been meaning to make something out of it since! I ended up buying three metres of the stuff because it was such a good price, so I think i’ll probably make a top out of it too!

diy couture tulle skirtIn progress…

It ended up being a lot more complicated than I expected, simply because I was using two layers of fabric, and the tulle and black crepe I used slipped about quite a bit! I also had to think about keeping the tulle layer separate from the main lining fabric layer, rather than stitching them together (which is what I initially did, and had to go and unpick it all…)

diy couture skirtDon’t you love my unimpressed, just-take-the-photo-please face!

diy couture tulle skirt

I also changed the way the waistband was made – in the book they tell you to make two seperate waistbands, and you attached one to the front of the skirt and one to the back. However I found that this just seemed to be extra work and on my sewing teacher’s recommendation I unpicked the two waistbands that i’d already sewn on (yay….) and made one long waistband to attach to both the front and back. Then left one side open for where the zip was going to go. Maybe with different fabrics, or just one layer, the DIY Couture method would have made sense, but it was much easier to construct with just the one.

diy couture skirt

The rest of the outfit is:

 Fur coat, from a vintage shop in Chester (borrowed from my sis)
Gold glittery top from Primark
Necklace also from Primark
Black patent Dr Martens (a real winter staple of mine!)

diy couture

So, in summary, the things I loved about this pattern:

  • Good step-by-step instructions
  • Clear pictures
  • Easy pattern pieces – essentially two rectangles for the main skirt and a waistband!

Things I would have changed if i’d do it again:

  • My lining fabric is in hindsight a bit too heavy – it’s great as a winter skirt but might be a bit much in summer
  • Definitely use one waistband again rather than two
  • Think about how having two layers would affect the sewing process
  • Measure myself properly! I made myself too big in my measurements, not sure whether I thought I would be eating a load of pies or what…

Has anyone else made this, and if so how did you find it?

<3 Sofia

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The By Hand London ‘Victoria’ blazer – now in my wardrobe!

October 9, 2014


I’m quite behind on showing some of my sewing projects, so this will be the first of hopefully quite a few outfit posts that include something handmade by me!

This is the Victoria Blazer by By Hand London. They are one of, if not my favourite pattern making company – i’ve made two of their dresses and now this blazer. As soon as I saw the blazer I knew I had to make it – it’s the perfect shape and just my style. Because it was summer at the time, I made it using a beigey-cream linen that I bought from Fabricland Bristol for about £3 per metre, and lined it with a beautiful peacock feather pattern Liberty Tana Lawn. Because I had spent so little on the main fabric I thought it only right to splash out a little on the lining!



I had what you might call a bit of a mare with the sleeves. The pattern doesn’t actually call for lining in the sleeves, but I decided to put it in anyway as the lining pattern was just so lovely. However, I should have set my sleeve linings in before I attached them to the lining bodice, as I then had to do some fiddly sewing to actually get them in, and I also had to unpick them from the cuffs about 4 times before I got it right as the lining and sleeve were different lengths…

Anyway, after a lot of swearing I got it done, and ended up quite happy with the result!

The linen is obviously quite hard to keep looking nice and ironed, but that’s just how linen is.


It’s a lovely, light summery blazer that i’ve already used loads, and the colours match pretty much everything I wear!

Sofia <3

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Preparing for the Blogcademy with my business card idea

January 17, 2013

sequin, sequins, sparkles

So as I keep saying, i’m really excited about the upcoming Blogcademy next week. I’ve read endlessly through the list of things to prepare before heading to London on Tuesday night, but one thing has been playing on my mind…

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 22.09.32

Yes, business cards! I have a ‘work’ business card, but what on earth am I going to take with me that promotes me, my blog and my supposed ‘brand’?!

I have been thinking a bit about my blog design and header recently, and i’m sure the Blogcademy will give me loads more ideas and inspiration as to how I want to improve it, but I do want to stick with the sequins/sparkle theme as that is so much of what I love and who I am!

So I was thinking of incorporating the sequin theme into my new business cards, and as I now won’t have time to have anything printed, I thought a bit of crafting might be in order.

sequin, business card, sparkle

As you can see I started sewing a little group of sequins (and by the way, what is/should be the collective noun for sequins? A sparkle?! A dazzle?!) onto a business card-sized bit of nice, thick paper. I like the effect of the ‘dazzle’ of sequins, but I don’t think sewing them on is a particularly time-effective or the best way of doing it. Also, you can see the sewing pattern on the back of the card, and I really need that space to write my name, website etc etc…

Also, seeing as though i’ll have to try and make 30/35 of them, I think glueing them on might just save my sanity.

business card, sequin

I love how they look against the white card! And the fact that each card will be individual also appeals, although i’m sure Kat, Shauna and Gala will have something to say about that at the workshop. How will my ‘brand’ look consistent, if they’re all different?!