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What I made: the DIY Couture pleated skirt in black polka dots

November 17, 2014
diy couture pleated skirt

Hello! This last week was a busy one, you may have noticed from the slight lack of posts! However, good news is i’ve finally managed to finish my DIY Couture “How to make a pleated skirt” project (you can buy the book here), which I started a couple of months ago.

diy couture

I bought this book a little while ago, as I loved the idea of creating an item of clothing for my self without using a pattern. The book takes you through a step-by-step process that shows you how to measure yourself, what size pieces of fabric to cut and what types of material might be suitable.

I picked up some black polka-dot tulle from the John Lewis sale for £5 a metre a few months ago, and i’ve been meaning to make something out of it since! I ended up buying three metres of the stuff because it was such a good price, so I think i’ll probably make a top out of it too!

diy couture tulle skirtIn progress…

It ended up being a lot more complicated than I expected, simply because I was using two layers of fabric, and the tulle and black crepe I used slipped about quite a bit! I also had to think about keeping the tulle layer separate from the main lining fabric layer, rather than stitching them together (which is what I initially did, and had to go and unpick it all…)

diy couture skirtDon’t you love my unimpressed, just-take-the-photo-please face!

diy couture tulle skirt

I also changed the way the waistband was made – in the book they tell you to make two seperate waistbands, and you attached one to the front of the skirt and one to the back. However I found that this just seemed to be extra work and on my sewing teacher’s recommendation I unpicked the two waistbands that i’d already sewn on (yay….) and made one long waistband to attach to both the front and back. Then left one side open for where the zip was going to go. Maybe with different fabrics, or just one layer, the DIY Couture method would have made sense, but it was much easier to construct with just the one.

diy couture skirt

The rest of the outfit is:

 Fur coat, from a vintage shop in Chester (borrowed from my sis)
Gold glittery top from Primark
Necklace also from Primark
Black patent Dr Martens (a real winter staple of mine!)

diy couture

So, in summary, the things I loved about this pattern:

  • Good step-by-step instructions
  • Clear pictures
  • Easy pattern pieces – essentially two rectangles for the main skirt and a waistband!

Things I would have changed if i’d do it again:

  • My lining fabric is in hindsight a bit too heavy – it’s great as a winter skirt but might be a bit much in summer
  • Definitely use one waistband again rather than two
  • Think about how having two layers would affect the sewing process
  • Measure myself properly! I made myself too big in my measurements, not sure whether I thought I would be eating a load of pies or what…

Has anyone else made this, and if so how did you find it?

<3 Sofia

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