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Zombies and sunsets around Bristol

October 29, 2012

On Saturday it was Bristol Zombie walk, and as we were heading in to town we managed to watch all the ‘zombies’ being herded in to King Square (just off Jamaica St) and leave to be zombies around the centre of town.

There were some very unusual looking zombies! Here are a few of my picks from the day:



This guy had the zombie walk down to a T…but I think that was mostly cider-fuelled…



Zombies may be the living dead, but they still prefer iPhones (and offensive t-shirts).

Afterwards we went on a walk around the Harbour (it was a gorgeous but cold Autumn day) and headed towards the Grain Barge in the early evening. I managed to get a couple of sunset snaps before heading in to the pub:



Bristol is so pretty…

Coming soon…the write-up on Tony and Gower’s attempt at the Atomic Burger Fallout Challenge.


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